NB120-4819 ERK1 / ERK2 antibody

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Rabbit anti Human ERK1 / ERK2


Product Description for ERK1 / ERK2

Rabbit anti Human ERK1 / ERK2.
Presentation: Aff - Purified
Product is tested for Western blot / Immunoblot.

Properties for ERK1 / ERK2

Product Category Primary Antibodies
Quantity 0.05 ml
Synonyms ERK-1/ERK-2, Extracellular signal regulated kinase 1/2, Insulin stimulated MAP2 kinase, MAPK1/MAPK2, Microtubule associated protein 2 kinase, Mitogen activated protein kinase 1/2, P42/P44-MAPK
Presentation Aff - Purified
Reactivity Hu
Applications WB
Clonality Polyclonal
Host Rabbit
Isotype IgG
Shipping to Not USA/Canada
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Manufacturer Novus Biologicals Inc.

Datasheet Extract

Synthetic peptide (Human) derived from the region of ERK 1 + 2 that contains threonine 202/185 and tyrosine 204/187, based on the human sequence. This region is conserved among many species including rat, mouse, cow, frog, snail, nematode, and fruit fly.
Background ERK (extracellular signal-regulated kinase), also known as MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) has two closely related isoforms of 44 kDa and 42 kDa, respectively. These kinases belong to a family of serine/threonine kinases that are activated upon treatment of cells with a large variety of stimuli including mitogens, hormones, growth factors, cytokines, and bioactive peptides. Cell stimulation induces the activation of a signalling cascade, the downstream effects of which have been linked to the regulation of cell growth and differentiation as well as the cytoskeleton. ERK 1 and ERK 2 are fully activated by phosphorylation within a Thr-Glu-Tyr motif of the activation loop on both a threonine and a tyrosine residue by MEKs (MAPK/ERK kinases), thereby greatly elevating the activity of the ERK 1 + 2 enzymes.
General Readings This product has been used in:Rapoport M et al. Tau is essential to beta -amyloid-induced neurotoxicity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 99:6364-9 (2002). PubMed PMID: 11959919
Robinson FL et al. Identification of novel point mutations in ERK2 that selectively disrupt binding to MEK1. J Biol Chem 277:14844-52 (2002). PubMed PMID: 11823456
Grammatikakis N et al. The role of Hsp90N, a new member of the Hsp90 family, in signal transduction and neoplastic transformation. J Biol Chem 277:8312-20 (2002). PubMed PMID: 11751906
Tong T et al. Involvement of the MAP kinase pathways in induction of GADD45 following UV radiation. Exp Cell Res 269:64-72 (2001). PubMed PMID: 11525640
Janulis M et al. A novel mitogen-activated protein kinase is responsive to Raf and mediates growth factor specificity. Mol Cell Biol 21:2235-47 (2001). PubMed PMID: 11238956
Nanki T et al. Chemokines regulate IL-6 and IL-8 production by fibroblast-like synoviocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis. J Immunol 167:5381-5 (2001). PubMed PMID: 11673556
Immunogen affinity purified
Buffer System:
Preservative: 0.05% Sodium AzideConstituents: 50% Glycerol, PBS, 1mg/ml BSA (IgG, protease free). pH
Immunogen affinity purified
Aff - Purified
Cross-reacts with Human.Expected to cross-react with a wide range of other species due to sequence homology.Not yet tested in other species.

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