NB300-570 Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) antibody

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Mouse anti Amphibian, Drosophila, Fish, Human, Mouse Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) 5A5


Product Description for Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70)

Mouse anti Amphibian, Drosophila, Fish, Human, Mouse Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) 5A5.
Presentation: Ascites
Product is tested for Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence, Western blot / Immunoblot.

Properties for Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70)

Product Category Primary Antibodies
Quantity 0.25 ml
Synonyms HSP-70, HSP70-1, HSP70-2, HSP70.1, HSPA1, HSPA1A, HSPA1B, Heat Shock 70 kDa Protein 1
Presentation Ascites
Reactivity Amph, Dros, Fi, Hu, Ms
Applications ICC/IF, WB
Clonality Monoclonal
Clone 5A5
Host Mouse
Isotype IgG
Shipping to Not USA/Canada
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Manufacturer Novus Biologicals Inc.

Datasheet Extract

Human recombinant HSP 70 over expressed in E. coli.
Application immunofluorescence, Western Blot, Immunofluorescence: use at a dilution of 1:100 Western Blot: use at a dilution of 1:1000Optimal dilutions / concentrations should be determined by the end user.By Western blot, this antibody detects proteins from ~70 kDa to ~78 kDa representing different members of the HSP 70 family. 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis is required to resolve the heat induced form of these proteins from their constitutively expressed counterparts. Immunofluorescence staining of HSP 70 in heat shocked HeLa cells results in cytoplasmic staining., immunofluorescence , Western Blot
Background The HSP 70 family is a set of highly conserved proteins that are induced by a variety of biological stresses, including heat stress, in every organism in which the proteins have been examined. The human HSP 70 family members include: HSP 70, a protein which is strongly inducible in all organisms but which is also constitutively expressed in primate cells; HSP 72, a 72 kDa protein that is induced exclusively under stress conditions; HSC 70, or cognate protein, is a 72 kDa, constitutively expressed, protein which is involved in the uncoating of clathrin coated vesicles; GRP 78, or BiP, is a glucose regulated 78 kDa protein localized in the endoplasmic reticulum; and p75, or HSP 75, a 75 kDa protein that is found within the mitochondria.
General Readings This product has been used in:Mifflin LC & Cohen RE hsc70 moderates the heat shock (stress) response in Xenopus laevis oocytes and binds to denatured protein inducers. J Biol Chem 269:15718-23 (1994). PubMed PMID: 8195224
Milarski KL et al. Cell cycle-dependent association of HSP70 with specific cellular proteins. J Cell Biol 108:413-23 (1989). PubMed PMID: 2645297
Storage Aliquot and store at -20C or -80C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Buffer System:
0.05% Sodium Azide
Epitope mapping with a panel of HSP 70 deletion mutants suggests that the epitope recognized is located between amino acids 122-264 of human HSP 70, a region that has been shown to be involved in ATP binding. This is the first monoclonal antibody reported, Detects several members of the heat shock protein 70 kDa (HSP 70) gene family including HSP 70, HSC 70, GRP 78; and following heat shock, HSP 72.
Amphibian, Drosophila, Fish, Human, Mouse

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