NBP1-05108 MHC Class II beta chain antibody

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Mouse anti Chicken MHC Class II beta chain


Product Description for MHC Class II beta chain

Mouse anti Chicken MHC Class II beta chain.
Presentation: Purified
Product is tested for Flow Cytometry, Paraffin Sections, Western blot / Immunoblot.

Properties for MHC Class II beta chain

Product Category Primary Antibodies
Quantity 0.1 mg
Synonyms anti-HLA-DP1B antibody, anti-Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II beta antibody
Presentation Purified
Reactivity Chk
Applications F, P, WB
Clonality Polyclonal
Host Mouse
Isotype IgG1
Shipping to Not USA/Canada
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Manufacturer Novus Biologicals Inc.

Datasheet Extract

White blood cells from chicken plasma
Add. information Research Areas: Immunology, Lipid and Metabolism
Application flow cytometry / FACS analysis, immunohistochemistry, Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry and Western Blot , immunohistochemistry , Western Blot, flow cytometry / FACS analysis,
Background The chicken major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II is similar to the mammalian MHC class II consisting of a non-polymorphic alpha chain (32 kDa) non covalently bound to a polymorphic beta chain (27 kDa). MHC class II is primarily expressed on B-cells and antigen presenting cells (APCs).
Concentration 1 mg/ml
General Readings
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Storage Store at 4C. Do not freeze.
protein A purified
Buffer System:
15mM Sodium Azide
protein A purified
Reacts with a non-polymorphic epitope on chicken MHC class II beta chain, Reacts with the beta chain of chicken MHC class II, both native and denatured.

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