bs-0919R Tetrodotoxin antibody

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Rabbit anti Tetrodotoxin


Product Description for Tetrodotoxin

Rabbit anti Tetrodotoxin.
Presentation: Purified
Product is tested for Enzyme Immunoassay.

Properties for Tetrodotoxin

Product Category Primary Antibodies
Quantity 0.1 ml
Synonyms 10, 10a-dimethano-10aH-[1, 11, 12-pentol, 3]dioxocino[6, 5-d] pyrimidine-4, 7, 9:7, Octahydro-12-hydroxymethyl-2-imino-5
Presentation Purified
Applications E
Clonality Polyclonal
Host Rabbit
Isotype IgG
Shipping to Europe only
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Manufacturer Bioss, Inc.

Datasheet Extract

KLH conjugated to TTX.
Background Tetrodotoxin, frequently abbreviated as TTX, is a potent neurotoxin with no known antidote. There have been successful tests of a possible antidote in mice, but further tests must be carried out to determine efficacy in humans. Fampridine has been shown to reverse tetrodotoxin toxicity in animal experiments.Tetrodotoxin blocks action potentials in nerves by binding to the voltage-gated, fast sodium channels in nerve cell membranes, essentially preventing any affected nerve cells from firing by blocking the channels used in the process. The binding site of this toxin is located at the pore opening of the voltage-gated Na+ channel. Its name derives from Tetraodontiformes, an order that includes pufferfish, porcupinefish, ocean sunfish or mola, and triggerfish, several species that carry the toxin. Although tetrodotoxin was discovered in these fish and found in several other animals (e.g., blue-ringed octopus, rough-skinned newt, and Naticidae) it is actually produced by certain symbiotic bacteria, such as Pseudoalteromonas tetraodonis, certain species of Pseudomonas and Vibrio, as well as some others that reside within these animals.
Storage Store at -20°C for 12 months.
Purified by Protein A and peptide affinity chromatography.
Buffer System:
Aqueous buffered solution containing 100ug/ml BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide.

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