ATW0004-FC Dengue Type 2 NS1 (3C07 #534)

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Other conjugates available on request.

Product Description for Dengue Type 2 NS1

Properties: (3C07 #534)

Properties for Dengue Type 2 NS1

Product Category Aptamers
Quantity 2.5 AEU
Synonyms Dengue 2, Dengue Virus NS1 Subtype 2, Dengue virus type 2 NS1
Presentation FITC
Aptamer type DNA
Dissociation constant (Kd) 21 nmol
Number of nucleotides 32 bases (without 3′-6T),
38 bases (with 3′-6T)
Shipping to Europe only
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Manufacturer Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc.
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