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Introduction: Nesprins are produced by alternative mRNA splicing and the initiation of two genes, nesprin-1 and nesprin-2 for "nuclear envelope spectrin repeat".

There are two genes encoding members of a new family of type II integral membrane proteins. Both are ubiquitously expressed and tissue-specific. Alternative mRNA initiation and splicing generate at least two major isoforms of each protein, with the smaller isoforms being truncated at the N-terminus. These proteins are called nesprin-1 and -2. They are characterized by the presence of multiple, clustered spectrin repeats, bipartite nuclear localization sequences, and a conserved C-terminal, single transmembrane domain. Transient transfection of EGFP-fusion expression constructs demonstrated their localization to the nuclear membrane with a novel C-terminal, TM-domain-containing sequence essential for perinuclear localization. Nesprin-1 is developmentally regulated in both smooth and skeletal muscle and is re-localized from the nuclear envelope to the nucleus and cytoplasm during C2Cl2 myoblast differentiation. Nesprins may function as \'dystrophins of the nucleus\' to maintain nuclear organization and structural integrity. Recently a new member of the Nesprin family was described. Nesprin-3 is a component of SUN-protein-containing multivariate complexes also called LINC complexes which link the nucleoskeleton and cytoskeleton by providing versatile outer nuclear membrane attachment sites for cytoskeletal filaments. It is involved in the maintenance of nuclear organization and structural integrity.

Available Antibody for the Detection of Nesprin Proteins

OriGene Technologies offers antibodies detecting Nesprin-1, Nesprin-2 (Novus Biologicals, not available through Acris in the USA) and Neprin-3. The Nesprin-1 antibody was made using the synthetic polypeptide GRSTPNRQKTPRGKC (residues 3212-3226) conjugated to KLH as immunogen. The antibody can be used at 1:1000 for Western blotting and at 1:50 for immunohistochemistry.

Immunofluorescence staining of Nesprin 1 (C1) in C2C12 myoblasts

Fig. 1: Immunofluorescence staining of Nesprin 1 (C1) in C2C12 myoblasts

Detection of hnRNP-A1 in Hela extracts using NB100-673.

Fig. 2: Nesprin-1 antibody Western blot of fractionated human vascular smooth muscle cells (HVSMC)
This antibody recognizes a number of different Nesprin-1 isoforms including the 112 kDa band of Nesprin-1 alpha

Cytoplasmic (Cyto)
Nuclear soluble (NS)
Nuclear envelope (NE)



  1. Zhang, Q. et al, Journal of Cell Science (2001) 114, 4485-4498

Available Antibody
Nesprin-1, Nesprin-2, Nesprin-3 antibody

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Primary Antibodies

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Nesprin-3 (Alpha) antibody

Immunofluorescence staining of a cultured Mouse embryonic fibroblast with Nsp3 for nesprin-3a (green), and counter-staining of nuclear DNA with DAPI (blue). Mouse IgG1 Nsp-3 Purified Ms C, ICC/IF, WB
0.1 mg / €370.00
  OriGene Technologies GmbH

Nesprin-3 (169-218) antibody

Human Testis: Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Rabbit IgG Aff - Purified Hu, Ms E, P, WB
50 µl / €425.00
  OriGene Technologies GmbH

Nesprin-3 (C-term) antibody

SYNE3 antibody (C-term) (Cat. #AP54124PU-N) immunohistochemistry analysis in formalin fixed and paraffin embedded human hodgkin lymphoma followed by peroxidase conjugation of the secondary antibody and DAB staining.This data demonstrates the use of SYNE3 antibody (C-term) for immunohistochemistry. Clinical relevance has not been evaluated. Rabbit Ig Aff - Purified Hu, Ms P, WB
0.4 ml / €415.00
  OriGene Technologies GmbH

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