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Quantity 1 kit
Synonyms Mitochondria/Cytosol Fractionation Kit
Reactivity Bov, Hu, Ms, Rt
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Manufacturer MitoSciences Inc.

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Add. information Cell Fractionation Kit HT Components:
34 mL of Buffer A
7.5 µL of Detergent HT I
35 µL of Detergent HT II
700 µL of Detergent HT III
1.5 mL of 5X SDS Sample Buffer.
3 EA of 96-well collection plate and seal film
Application Preparation of cytosolic.
Mitochondrial and nuclear fractions in microplate format.
Background Cell Fractionation Kit HT provides a method and reagents for a simple and rapid preparation of cytosolic, mitochondrial and nuclear fractions from adherent cells. The Cell Fractionation Kit HT is especially suitable for, but not limited to, high-throughput fractionation of adherent cells in a 96-well plate format. The entire fractionation of 96 samples into the cytosolic, mitochondrial and nuclear fraction is achieved in one hour. The kit is based on sequential detergent extraction of cytosolic, mitochondrial and nuclear proteins without the need for mechanical disruption of cells. The kit prepares sufficient sample material for subsequent Western blot analyses, dot blot analyses or for analyses by microplate ELISA assays.

MS862 is designed to allow the measurement of any proteins which are differentially represented in the cytosol, mitochondria and nuclei, and is particularly applicable to studies of proteins that translocate between these three cellular compartments.

A second version of the kit is also available, MS861 Cell Fractionation Kit - Standard. This version is designed for fractionating cells grown in batches and is ideal for experiments requiring larger sample amounts.
General Readings Liu et al., 2009. Functional analysis of FSP27 protein regions for lipid droplet localization, caspase-dependent apoptosis, and dimerization with CIDEA.
Storage Store Buffer A, Detergent HT II, Detergent HT III and 5X SDS Sample Buffer at -20°C. Store Detergent HT I at -80°C. Store the collection plates and seal films at room temperature.
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