503-0002 ATPBind Resin Column Kit

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Product Category ELISA Kits
Quantity 2 g
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Manufacturer Novus Biologicals Inc.

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Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a product of numerous enzymatic reactions. It is an important marker in diagnostic tests (e.g. the creatine kinase test for acute myocardial infarction) and in studies of programmed cell death and necrosis.
Bioluminescence assays are commonly used to measure ATP but the high sensitivity of these assays means that traces of ATP found in water or other assay components can lead to unacceptably high backgrounds. ATPBind(TM) columns provide a quick and easy way to remove contaminating ATP from solutions. Figure 1 illustrates how efficiently an ATPBind(TM) column decontaminates a buffered solution spiked with a very high level of ATP.


2.1. Preparation of ATPBind(TM) resin
The resin is supplied pre-packed in 0.4g minicolumns. Before use, check that the screw top on the column is finger tight and that the cap on the bottom of the column has been removed. The column should be attached to a syringe and washed with 20-30ml of distilled water or a phosphate-free buffer to remove any fine particulate matter. Apply only moderate pressure otherwise the column may become detached.

2.2. Using ATPBind(TM) columns
The solution from which the ATP is to be removed should be applied to the column with gentle pressure to give a flow rate of around 2-3 drops per second. Do not apply too much force otherwise the contact time of the solution with the resin will be too brief for efficient removal in a single pass.

2.3 Column capacity
The capacity of ATPBind(TM) resin is >15mmol/g, so each mini-column will remove at least 6mmol of ATP.

2.4. Compatibility
Phosphate buffers or high concentrations of negatively charged molecules (e.g. EDTA) may reduce the capacity of ATPBind(TM) resin.

2.5. Storage of reagent
Upon receipt ATPBind


ATPBind is a resin that can be used to eliminate ATP contamination from buffers and samples in order to give low backgrounds in sensitive assays that measure ATP. A single pass through a column of ATPBind resin is sufficient to reduce high levels of ATP to extremely low values (see fig below).

The resin is supplied pre-packed in mini-columns, with female/male Luer fittings to allow easy attachment to syringes or pump systems. Each column has a capacity of >6

Storage Store at 4C. Do not freeze.
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