IAV198 Influenza A Antigen Calibration Kit

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Product is tested for Western blot / Immunoblot, Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence.

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Product Category ELISA Kits
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Manufacturer Virusys Corporation

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Kit Components:

1. Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Concentrate (250 ng/ml) - 0.4 ml . Store at 2-8°C

2. Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Diluent (1x) - 50 ml. Store at 2-8°C


Intended Use: The Virusys Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Calibration Kit is intended for the production of a Nucleoprotein Antigen calibration curve and is designed for use with the Virusys Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Capture ELISA Kits (IAV-142).  

Test each dilution in duplicate following the product insert for the appropriate Virusys Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Capture ELISA Kit.

To determine the amount of nucleoprotein in a sample, a standard curve is constructed as follows:

  1. Calculate the average value for each antigen concentration and then subtract the 0 ng/ml value from each.
  2. Plot the resulting data and read the unknown values by extrapolation. Alternatively, enter the data into a calculator or a software program and calculate the sample concentrations by linear regression.


The Virusys Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Capture ELISA kit (IAV-142) is a highly sensitive and specific semi-quantitative assay for the detection of Influenza A nucleoprotein in a wide variety of samples. To enhance the analytical utility of the ELISA kit, we have developed the Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Calibration Kit, which permits the generation of a nucleoprotein calibration curve and estimation of nucleoprotein in a sample.

The Influenza A Nucleoprotein Antigen Concentrate supplied in this product was produced using A/Beijing/262/95 (H1N1). The virus was grown in embryonated eggs, detergent-treated to remove the viral envelope and concentrated by centrifugation. Following SDS-PAGE, nucleoprotein concentration was calculated as a percentage of the total protein in the preparation.

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