LY100 Ramos Lysate (Human Lymphoblast, Burkitt's lymphoma)

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Product Description for Ramos Lysate

Properties: (Human Lymphoblast, Burkitt's lymphoma)

Properties for Ramos Lysate

Product Category Lysates
Quantity 0.1 mg
Synonyms Lysates
Shipping to Worldwide
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Manufacturer Acris Antibodies GmbH

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Application This product eliminate the time and hassle involved in preparing cell lysate. Each tissue or cell lysate is prepared in 1x sampling buffer at a concentration ideal for most SDS-PAGE applications. With this lysates, consistent quality protein separation is assured for several runs. One vial of lysate is sufficient to run 10 lanes (10 µg/lane) of protein.

The identification of the human genome has promoted novel studies involving aging, behavioral research, diabetes and obesity, immunology, bioassay and pharmacological screening. Western blot analysis assists scientists conducting such research to make important contributions to functional genomics, allowing for structural, functional and comparative analysis of proteins in human models. We introduces cell lysates that provide a simple and fast solution for screening the expression of a particular protein in human cell lines.

Concentration 2.0 mg/ml
General Readings
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Storage They are shipped on blue ice and can remain at –20°C for up to 3 months.
For long term storage, keep lysates in dark at –70°C.
Avoid repetitive freeze-thaw cycles, as this may result in degradation of protein and less defined bands when separated by SDS-PAGE.
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