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Product Category Natural Compounds
Quantity 1 mg
Shipping to Not USA/Canada
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Manufacturer Novus Biologicals Inc.

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Application Synthetic 17-AAG Soluble in DMSO (> 20mg/mL) or mehtanol (10mg/mL) Purple solid
Background Glendanamycin (GA), a benzoquinone ansamycin antibiotic, interferes with the action of Hsp90 leading to degradation of Hsp90 client proteins. GA itself however has undesirable properties such as poor aqueous solubility and liver toxicity; therefore, numerous analogs have been synthesized, such as 17-AAG(1). 17-AAG is an HSP-90 inhibitor that displays a 100-fold higher affinity for HSP-90 derived from tumor cells compared to HSP-90 from normal cells(2). 17-AAG inhibits Akt activation and expression in tumors and synergizes with a number of antitumor agents such as taxol(3), cisplatin(4) and UCN-01 (400 nM 17-AAG, U937 cells)(5).
General Readings
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Storage Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
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