NB810-61090 cAMP-dependent protein kinase; catalytic subunit PKA

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cAMP-dependent protein kinase; catalytic subunit PKA

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cAMP-dependent protein kinase; catalytic subunit PKA.

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Product Category Proteins & Growth Factors
Quantity 1 µg
Synonyms Bovine Heart, Protein Kinase A
Shipping to Not USA/Canada
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Manufacturer Novus Biologicals Inc.

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Background Protein Kinase A (PKA) is the kinase that mediates the majority of the actions of the intracellular second messenger cAMP in diverse tissues and phyla. PKA regulates a number of cellular functions including gene expression, carbohydrate metabolism, Ca2+ homeostasis and ion channel function and it may play a key role in memory formation (Micheau and Riedel, 1999). The purified kinase is suitable for studies of PKA phosphorylation in vitro with purified substrates or following introduction into intact cells or cell extracts (Poisbeau et al., 1999; VanRenterghem et al., 1994; Martin et al., 2004). Unlike the holoenzyme, the catalytic subunit does not require cAMP for activation.
Concentration 0.02 mg/ml
General Readings
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Storage Store at -80C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Buffer System:
No Preservative
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