PA1104 Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (M-CSF)

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Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (M-CSF)

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Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (M-CSF).
Presentation: Purified

Properties for Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (M-CSF)

Product Category Proteins & Growth Factors
Quantity 2 µg
Synonyms M-CSF
Presentation Purified
Molecular weight 37 kDa
Source E. coli
Species (Protein) Human
Shipping to Worldwide
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Manufacturer Acris Antibodies GmbH
Material safety datasheet MSDS for Proteins (de)

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Purity > 95 % Proprietary chromatographic techniques, > 95.0 % as determined by:
(a) Analysis by RP-HPLC.
(b) Analysis by SDS-PAGE.
Background Granulocyte/Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factors are cytokines that act in hematopoiesis by controlling the production, differentiation, and function of 2 related white cell populations of the blood, the granulocytes and the monocytes-macrophages. CSF-1 induces cells of the monocyte/macrophage lineage. It plays a role in immunological defenses, bone metabolism, lipoproteins clearance, fertility and pregnancy.
General Readings
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  2. ławicki S, Czygier M, Gacuta-Szumarska E, Knapp P, Szmitkowski M. [The plasma levels and diagnostic utility of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) and macrophage - colony stimulating factor (M-CSF) in ovarian cancer patients]. Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2006 Nov;21(125):465-8. PubMed PMID: 17345841.
  3. Kirma N, Hammes LS, Liu YG, Nair HB, Valente PT, Kumar S, et al. Elevated expression of the oncogene c-fms and its ligand, the macrophage colony-stimulating factor-1, in cervical cancer and the role of transforming growth factor-beta1 in inducing c-fms expression. Cancer Res. 2007 Mar 1;67(5):1918-26. PubMed PMID: 17332318.
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Storage Stable at room temperature for one month, should be stored desiccated below -20 °C. Upon reconstitution MCSF should be stored at 2 - 8 °C for one week and for future use below -20 °C. For long term storage it is recommended to add a carrier protein (0.1 % HSA or BSA). Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Shelf life: one year from despatch.
Source E.coli
Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor Human Recombinant produced in E.coli is a disulfide linked homodimer, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 2 x 159 amino acids.
AA Sequence:
The sequence of the first five N-terminal amino acids was determined and was found to be Met-Glu-Glu-Val-Ser.
Biological activity:
The ED50, calculated by the dose-dependant stimulation of the proliferation of murine M-NFS-60 indicator cells was found < 5 ng/ml, corresponding to a Specific Activity of 2 x 10e5 IU/mg.
Molecular weight:
36.8 KD.
Buffer System:
0.1 gr HSA and 0.6 gr Manntiol
>95% Proprietary chromatographic techniques, > 95.0 % as determined by:
(a) Analysis by RP-HPLC.
(b) Analysis by SDS-PAGE.
Sterile 18MΩ-cm H2O not less than 100 µg/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions
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