GTX25020 NR1H2 + NR1H3

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50 µg / €250.00

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NR1H2 + NR1H3


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NR1H2 + NR1H3.

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Product Category Proteins & Growth Factors
Quantity 50 µg
Synonyms LXRA, LXRB, Liver X receptor alpha, Liver X receptor beta, NER, Nuclear orphan receptor LXR-alpha, Nuclear orphan receptor LXR-beta, Nuclear receptor NER, Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group H member 2, Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group H member 3, Oxysterols receptor LXR-alpha, Oxysterols receptor LXR-beta, UNR, Ubiquitously-expressed nuclear receptor
Shipping to Europe only
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Manufacturer GeneTex Inc.

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Purity n/a
Application BL
Background This peptide may be used for neutralization and control experiments with the polyclonal antibody that reacts with this product and human LXR alpha and beta, catalog GT23584. Using a solution of peptide of equal volume and concentration to the corresponding antibody will yield a large molar excess of peptide (~ 70-fold) for competitive inhibition of antibody-protein binding reactions.
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