Cybrdi - Tissue Arrays - Product Review 20

OriGene Technologies distributes Tissue Arrays from Cybrdi and Pantomics. The Cybrdi Tissue Arrays are available from us in all countries except USA and Canada. Pantomics tissue arrays ara available in Germany only

CybrdiCybrdi manufactures hundreds of pre-developed human tissue arrays that can be used to survey hundreds or even thousands of clinical specimens in a single experiment using common probes, such as DNA, RNA, peptide, protein and antibodies.

Tissue arrays permit for a rapid and large-scale molecular analysis of tissue specimens with various probes in parallel. This powerful technique can be employed for verification and validation of gene discoveries and identification of potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets. It provides an effective assessment of the clinical significance of the molecular targets in cancer and other diseases at cellular and tissue levels. It is in-situ and in-vivo assay providing great clinical relevancy.

Cybrdis tissue chip lines bridge the gap between genomics and drug discovery, and effectively decrease time and cost of the drug discovery processes.

The following discounts are applicable to all orders of more than one Cybrdi tissue array:

2 Arrays -- 5%
5 Arrays -- 10%
10 Arrays -- 15%, Inc. makes and provides animal and human tissue arrays, for use in research, routine IHC/ISH control and education. The company also utilizes its own pathology resources to conduct IHC/ISH, antibody screening, antibody characterization and tissue section-based target validation services for academia and industry.




Staining of human tonsil using anti CXCR3 antibody SP4005P showing Dendritic Cells, Macrophages and Lymphocytes.


Staining of human brain section using anti CXCR4  antibody SP4006P showing Neurons and Glia.


Staining of a Colon section (Ulcerative Colitis, Crypt Abscess) using anti CCR1 antibody SP4001P


Staining of human skin section using anti CCR6 antibody SP4022P



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