CCP1113-5mg BNP (1-32), Human

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Properties for BNP (1-32), Human

Product Category Synthetic Peptides
Quantity 5 mg
Molecular weight 3464.1
Source Synthetic
Shipping to Europe only
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Manufacturer Cohesion Biosciences Ltd.

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Purity > 95 %
Background The secretion of the cardiac hormone BNP-32 is increased considerably in patients with congestive heart failure successful medical treatment of this condition will result in a decrease. Yandle et al. described a method for determining hBNP in human plasma. Effects of hBNP infusion in humans have been described by Holmes et al and La Villa et al. BNP is an important biomarker in the diagnosis of heart diseases. Additionally BNP-32 may act as a neuropeptide. BNP-32 exerts strong lipolytic effects in humans.
Storage Shipped at 4°C. Store at -20°C for one year.
Peptide to BNP (1-32), Human
CAS Number: 124584-08-3
Molecular Formula: C143H244N50O42S4
Chemical Structure: H-Ser-Pro-Lys-Met-Val-Gln-Gly-Ser-Gly-Cys-Phe-Gly-Arg-Lys-Met-Asp-Arg-Ile-Ser-Ser-Ser-Ser-Gly-Leu-Gly-Cys-Lys-Val-Leu-Arg-Arg-His-OH (Disulfide bridge Cys10-Cys26)
Lyophilized powder
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