ASPM / MCPH5 antibody

Principal name

ASPM / MCPH5 antibody

Alternative names for ASPM / MCPH5 antibody

Asp homolog, Abnormal spindle-like microcephaly-associated protein, Abnormal spindle protein homolog

SwissProt ID

P62285 (Bovin), Q8CJ27 (Mouse), Q8IZT6 (Human)

Gene ID

259266 (ASPM)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human)

Available hosts


Available applications

Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence (ICC/IF), Enzyme Immunoassay (E), Paraffin Sections (P)

Background of ASPM / MCPH5 antibody

The ASPM gene is the human ortholog of the Drosophila melanogaster 'abnormal spindle' gene (asp), which is essential for normal mitotic spindle function in embryonic neuroblasts (Bond et al., 2002). The mouse gene Aspm is expressed specifically in the primary sites of prenatal cerebral cortical neurogenesis.[supplied by OMIM]

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