COG5 antibody

Principal name

COG5 antibody

Alternative names for COG5 antibody

GOLTC1, GTC90, GTC-90, Conserved oligomeric Golgi complex subunit 5,13S Golgi transport complex 90 kDa subunit, Component of oligomeric Golgi complex 5, Golgi transport complex 1

SwissProt ID

P83437, Q8C0L8, Q9UP83

Gene ID

10466 (COG5)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human)

Available hosts

Rabbit, Mouse

Available applications

Western blot / Immunoblot (WB), Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence (ICC/IF), Paraffin Sections (P)

Background of COG5 antibody

COG5 is required for normal Golgi function.Multiprotein complexes are key determints of Golgi apparatus structure and its capacity for intracellular transport and glycoprotein modification. Several complexes have been identified, including the Golgi transport complex (GTC), the LDLC complex, which is involved in glycosylation reactions, and the SEC34 complex, which is involved in vesicular transport. These 3 complexes are identical and have been termed the conserved oligomeric Golgi (COG) complex, which includes COG5 (Ungar et al., 2002 [PubMed 11980916]).[supplied by OMIM].

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Primary Antibodies

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COG5 antibody

WB Suggested Anti-COG5 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml; ELISA Titer: 1: 312500; Positive Control: THP-1 cell lysate Rabbit IgG Purified Hu WB
50 µg / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

COG5 antibody

COG5 Mouse Hu WB
0.5 mg / €1,400.00
  Abnova Taiwan Corp.

COG5 antibody

Human, Mouse; . Sample Type: 1. Human Cervical Cancer Cell Lysate (15ug). 2. Monkey Fibroblast Cell Lysate (15ug). 3. Human Cervical Cancer Cell transfected with  Myc-COG4 (15ug). Primary Dilution: 1:1000. Secondary Antibody: goat anti-Rabbit. Secondary Dilution: 1:40,000. Image Submitted by:  Dr. Jakob Szwedo, Dr. Lupashin's Lab. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. See Customer Feedback tab for detailed information.. .; COG5 antibody - N-terminal region (ARP50535_P050) in Human, Mouse cells using Western Blot Rabbit Aff - Purified Hu WB
50 µg / €350.00
  AVIVA Systems Biology

Proteins & Growth Factors

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COG5 (transcript variant 1)

COG5 Human > 80 %
Preparation: Recombint protein was captured through anti-DDK affinity column followed by conventiol chromatography steps.
Purity Detail: > 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE and Coomassie blue staining.
HEK293 cells
20 µg / €680.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.


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COG5 overexpression lysate

COG5 overexpression lysate  
0.1 mg / €480.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

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