ENOSF1 / RTS antibody

Principal name

ENOSF1 / RTS antibody

Alternative names for ENOSF1 / RTS antibody

TYMSAS, Mitochondrial enolase superfamily member 1, Antisense RNA to thymidylate synthase

SwissProt ID

Q2KIA9 (Bovin), Q6INX4 (Xenla), Q7L5Y1 (Human)

Gene ID

55556 (ENOSF1)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human), Can (Canine), Eq (Equine), Rb (Rabbit), Ze (Zebrafish)

Available hosts


Available applications

Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence (ICC/IF), Paraffin Sections (P), Western blot / Immunoblot (WB)

Background of ENOSF1 / RTS antibody

ENOSF1 was originally identified as a naturally occurring antisense transcript to the human thymidylate synthase gene. Alternate splice variants have been described, one of which (named rTSalpha) represents an alternate 3'UTR that is complementary to the 3'UTR and terminal intron of the thymidylate synthase (TS) RNA and down-regulates TS expression. Other transcript variants (rTSbeta and rTSgamma) do not overlap the TS locus. The function of this gene appears to be primarily to regulate expression of the TS locus both via the antisense transcript as well as through the encoded proteins. [provided by RefSeq].

General readings

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Primary Antibodies

Catalog No. Host Iso. Clone Pres. React. Applications  

ENOSF1 / RTS antibody

  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-ENOSF1 Antibody - middle region  
Host: Rabbit; Target Name: ENOSF1; Sample Tissue: Fetal Muscle lysates; Antibody Dilution: 1.0 ug/ml Rabbit IgG Purified Hu WB
50 µg / €360.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

ENOSF1 / RTS antibody

  Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-ENOSF1 Antibody - N-terminal region  
WB Suggested Anti-ENOSF1 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml; ELISA Titer: 1:1562500; Positive Control: MCF7 cell lysateENOSF1 is strongly supported by BioGPS gene expression data to be expressed in Human MCF7 cells Rabbit IgG Purified Can, Eq, Hu, Rb, Ze WB
50 µg / €360.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

ENOSF1 / RTS (N-term) antibody

Western blot analysis of ENOSF1 Antibody (N-term) Cat.-No AP51431PU-N in K562 cell line lysates (35ug/lane). This demonstrates the ENOSF1 antibody detected the ENOSF1 protein (arrow). Rabbit Ig Aff - Purified Hu WB
0.4 ml / €370.00
  OriGene Technologies GmbH


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ENOSF1 overexpression lysate

ENOSF1 overexpression lysate  
0.1 mg / €295.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

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