Fragilis protein antibody

Principal name

Fragilis protein antibody

Alternative names for Fragilis protein antibody

Germ line marker, LFITN3, Mil-1, Interferon induced transmembrane protein 3, Interferon-inducible protein 15, Mouse ifitm-like protein 1

SwissProt ID

Q9CQW9 (Mouse)

Gene ID


Ncbi ID


Available reactivities

Ms (Mouse), Rt (Rat)

Available hosts


Available applications

Enzyme Immunoassay (E)

Background of Fragilis protein antibody

Principal Names: Interferon-induced transmembrane protein 3(Ifitm3); Fragilis Official Gene Symbol: Ifitm3 Gen Bank Accession Number: NM_025378 Gene ID: 66141(Mouse) Gene Map Locus: 7F5 (Mouse) Fragilis is an IFN-induced transmembrane protein that belongs to the highly conserved fragilis protein family. It consists of an N-terminal signal sequence, 2 putative transmembrane domains, 3 potential phosphorylation sites and C-terminal Leucine-zipper. It is expressed in early embryos and nascent primordial germ cells and is associated with Germ cell specification and development. It is cell surface protein and might be important in mediating interactions amongst germ cells and their surrounding neighbours. It is also suggested that it might be involved in anti-proliferative signaling and homotypic cell adhesion.

General readings

General / background references:Saitou M et al. A molecular programme for the specification of germ cell fate in mice. Nature 418:293-300 (2002). PubMed PMID: 12124616

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