GAL4 antibody

Principal name

GAL4 antibody

Alternative names for GAL4 antibody

GAL81, Regulatory protein GAL4

SwissProt ID

P04386 (Yeast)

Gene ID

855828 (GAL4)

Available reactivities

S. cerevisiae (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Ye (Yeast)

Available hosts


Available applications

Enzyme Immunoassay (E), Western blot / Immunoblot (WB), Immunoprecipitation (IP)

Background of GAL4 antibody

GAL4 is a transcriptional activator which activates genes necessary for galactose catabolism. The DNA binding domain of GAL4 is contained in the first 74 amino acids and contains a zinc finger sequence motif. However, amino acids 1-147 have been shown to bind to DNA in vitro. While GAL4 (1-74) bind DNA specifically, it is with a lower affinity than the GAL4 (1-147). GAL4 (1-147) binds to a specific 17 base pair nucleotide sequence, but alone is insufficient to activate transcription. Either of the two acidic activating regions, activating region I (amino acids 148-238) or activating region II (amino acids 768-881), must be joined to activate transcription.

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Primary Antibodies

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GAL4 (Activation Domain) antibody

GAL4 Mouse IgG1 5C8 Purified Ye IP, WB
0.1 mg / €370.00
  Acris Antibodies GmbH

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