Histone H2B type 1-D antibody

Principal name

Histone H2B type 1-D antibody

Alternative names for Histone H2B type 1-D antibody

H2B.b, H2B/b, H2B.1 B, HIRA-interacting protein 2, HIST1H2BD, H2BFB, HIRIP2

SwissProt ID

P58876 (Human)

Gene ID

3017 (HIST1H2BD)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human)

Available hosts

Rabbit, Mouse

Available applications

Enzyme Immunoassay (E)

Background of Histone H2B type 1-D antibody

Histones are the main constituents of the protein part of chromosomes of eukaryotic cells. They are rich in the amino acids arginine and lysine and have been greatly conserved during evolution. Histones pack the D into tight masses of chromatin. Two core histones of each class H2A, H2B, H3 and H4 assemble and are wrapped by 146 base pairs of D to form one octameric nucleosome. Histone tails undergo numerous post-translatiol modifications, which either directly or indirectly alter chromatin structure to facilitate transcriptiol activation or repression or other nuclear processes. In addition to the genetic code, combitions of the different histone modifications reveal the so-called "histone code". Histone methylation and demethylation is dymically regulated by respectively histone methyl transferases and histone demethylases. Acetylation of histone H2B is associated with active genes.

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