ISLR2 antibody

Principal name

ISLR2 antibody

Alternative names for ISLR2 antibody

KIAA1465, Immunoglobulin superfamily containing leucine-rich repeat protein 2

SwissProt ID

Q5RKR3 (Mouse), Q6UXK2 (Human)

Gene ID

57611 (ISLR2), 320563 (Islr2)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human), Ms (Mouse), Rt (Rat), Bov (Bovine), Can (Canine), GP (Guinea Pig), Rb (Rabbit)

Available hosts


Available applications

Western blot / Immunoblot (WB), Frozen Sections (C), Immunoprecipitation (IP), Paraffin Sections (P)

Background of ISLR2 antibody

The leucine-rich (LRR) repeat is a 20-30 amino acid motif that forms a hydrophobic å/∫ horseshoe fold, allowing it to accommodate several leucine residues within a tightly packed core. All LRR repeats contain a variable segment and a highly conserved segment, the latter of which accounts for 11 or 12 residues of the entire LRR motif. ISLR2 (immunoglobulin superfamily containing leucine-rich repeat 2), also known as LINX (leucine-rich repeat domain and immunoglobulin domain-containing axon extension protein), is a 745 amino acid single-pass membrane protein that contains five LRR repeats, one Ig-like (immunoglobulin-like) domain, a LRRCT domain and one LRRNT domain. ISLR2 exists as a homomultimer and is essential for axon extension during neural development. The gene encoding ISLR2 maps to human chromosome 15q24.1.

General readings

Clark,H.F., (2003) Genome Res. 13 (10), 2265-2270

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Primary Antibodies

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ISLR2 antibody

WB Suggested Anti-ISLR2 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml; Positive Control: Hela cell lysate Rabbit IgG Purified Bov, Can, GP, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rt WB
50 µg / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

ISLR2 antibody

Human HeLa; WB Suggested Anti-ISLR2 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/ml. Positive Control: Hela cell lysate; ISLR2 antibody - N-terminal region (ARP49579_P050) in Human HeLa cells using Western Blot Rabbit Aff - Purified Hu, Ms, Rt WB
50 µg / €350.00
  AVIVA Systems Biology

ISLR2 antibody

ISLR2 Rabbit IgG Aff - Purified Ms C, IP, WB
0.1 mg / €680.00
  Funakoshi Co., Ltd.

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