PHEX antibody

Principal name

PHEX antibody

Alternative names for PHEX antibody

PEX, HYP, Phosphate-regulating neutral endopeptidase, Metalloendopeptidase homolog PEX, Vitamin D-resistant hypophosphatemic rickets protein, X-linked hypophosphatemia protein

SwissProt ID

P70669 (Mouse), P78562 (Human)

Gene ID

5251 (PHEX)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human), Ms (Mouse), Rt (Rat)

Available hosts


Available applications

Western blot / Immunoblot (WB), ELISA (detection) (E(detection)), Paraffin Sections (P)

Background of PHEX antibody

The PHEX a 749 amino acid protein that putatively consists of an intracellular, transmembrane and extracellular domain. PHEX mutations have been observed in 60-80% of hypophosphatemic rickets patients. The PHEX protein, which is a single-pass membrane protein, is also designated HYP, X-linked hypophosphatemia protein or metalloendopeptidase homolog PEX. PHEX plays an active role in bone and dentin mineralization and renal phosphate re-absorption. X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets, also designated HYP, is an X-linked dominant disorder characterized by impaired phosphate uptake in the kidney, which is likely to be caused by abnormal regulation of sodium phosphate cotransport in the proximal tubules. Clinical manifestations include skeletal deformities, growth failure, craniosynostosis, paravertebral calcifications, pseudofractures in lower extremities, and muscular hypotonia with onset in early childhood.

General readings

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Primary Antibodies

Catalog No. Host Iso. Clone Pres. React. Applications  

PHEX antibody

Sample(30 ug whole cell lysate). A:MOLT4 . 7.5% SDS PAGE. TA308016 diluted at 1:1000 Rabbit IgG Aff - Purified Hu WB
0.1 ml / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

PHEX (C-term) antibody

Western blot analysis of PHEX Antibody (C-term) Cat.-No AP53279PU-N in 293 cell line lysates (35ug/lane). This demonstrates the PHEX antibody detected the PHEX protein (arrow). Rabbit Ig Aff - Purified Hu WB
0.4 ml / €370.00
  Acris Antibodies GmbH

PHEX antibody

Western Blot analysis of PHEX expression in transfected 293T cell line (H00005251-T02) by PHEX MaxPab polyclonal antibody.

Lane 1: PHEX transfected lysate(86.50 KDa).
Lane 2: Non-transfected lysate. Rabbit Purified Hu E(detection), WB
0.1 mg / €380.00
  Abnova Taiwan Corp.

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