PHLPP2 antibody

Principal name

PHLPP2 antibody

Alternative names for PHLPP2 antibody

PHLPPL, PHLPP-like, KIAA0931, PH domain leucine-rich repeat-containing protein phosphatase 2, PH domain leucine-rich repeat-containing protein phosphatase-like

SwissProt ID

Q6ZVD8 (Human), Q8BXA7 (Mouse)

Gene ID

23035 (PHLPP2)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human), Ms (Mouse), Rt (Rat)

Available hosts

Rabbit, Goat

Available applications

Immunoprecipitation (IP), Western blot / Immunoblot (WB), Enzyme Immunoassay (E), Paraffin Sections (P), Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence (ICC/IF)

Background of PHLPP2 antibody

PHLPP2 Antibody: PHLPP2 is a member of the serine/threonine phosphatase family, which are important regulators of Akt serine-threonine kises (AKT1, AKT2, AKT3) and conventiol/novel protein kise C (PKC) isoforms. PHLPP1 and PHLPP2 have a similar domain structure and have been shown to dephosphorylate and ictivate, distinct Akt isoforms, at one of the two critical phosphorylation sites required for activation: Serine473. PHLPP2 dephosphorylates AKT1 and AKT3, whereas PHLPP1 is specific for AKT2 and AKT3. PHLPP1 promotes apoptosis and may act as a tumor suppressor. PHLPP2 associates with and is inhibited by adenylyl cyclase type 6 (AC6), thereby allowing Akt activation.

General readings

Brognard J and Newton AC. PHLiPPing the switch on Akt and protein kinase C signaling. Trends Endocrinol. Metab. 2008; 19:223-30.
Gao T, Furnari F and Newton AC. PHLPP: a phosphatase that directly dephosphorylates Akt, promotes apoptosis, and suppresses tumor growth. Mol. Cell 2005; 18:13-24.
Brognard J, Sierecki E, Gao T, et al. PHLPP and a second isoform, PHLPP2, differentially attenuate the amplitude of Akt signaling by regulating distinct Akt isoforms. Mol. Cell 2007; 25:917-31
Gao MH, Miyanohara A, Feramisco JR, et al. Activation of PH-domain leucine-rich protein phosphatase 2 (PHLPP2) by agonist stimulation in cardiac myocytes expressing adenylyl cyclase type 6. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2009; 384:193-8.

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Primary Antibodies

Catalog No. Host Iso. Clone Pres. React. Applications  

PHLPP2 antibody

TA303258 (0.1µg/ml) staining of Human Brain (Amygdala, Hippocampus, Substantia Nigra) lysate (35µg protein in RIPA buffer).  Primary incubation was 1 hour.  Detected by chemiluminescence. Goat Aff - Purified Hu WB
0.1 mg / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

PHLPP2 (C-term) antibody

Western blot analysis of PHLPP2 in SW480 cell lysate with PHLPP2 antibody at 1 ug/ml in (A) the presence and (B) the absence of blocking peptide. Rabbit IgG Aff - Purified Hu E, WB
0.1 mg / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

PHLPP2 antibody

HEK293T cells were transfected with the pCMV6-ENTRY control (Left lane) or pCMV6-ENTRY PHLPP2 (RC212846, Right lane) cDNA for 48 hrs and lysed. Equivalent amounts of cell lysates (5 ug per lane) were separated by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotted with anti-PHLPP2. Rabbit IgG Purified Hu E, WB
50 µg / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

PHLPP2 (N-term) antibody

Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded human colon carcinoma tissue reacted with PHLPP2 antibody (N-term), which was peroxidase-conjugated to the secondary antibody, followed by DAB staining. Rabbit Ig Purified Hu P
0.4 ml / €370.00
  Acris Antibodies GmbH

PHLPP2 (C-term) Control Peptide

Western blot analysis of PHLPP2 in SW480 cell lysate with PHLPP2 antibody Cat.-No AP55482PU-N at 1 μg/ml in (A) the presence and (B) the absence of blocking peptide Cat.-No. AP55482CP-N.
50 µg / €160.00
  Acris Antibodies GmbH

PHLPP2 antibody

PHLPPL polyclonal antibody ( Cat # PAB7321 ) ( 0.1 µg/ml ) staining of human brain ( amygdala, hippocampus, substantia nigra ) lysate ( 35 µg protein in RIPA buffer ) . Primary incubation was 1 hour. Detected by chemiluminescence. Goat Hu E, WB
0.1 mg / €400.00
  Abnova Taiwan Corp.

Proteins & Growth Factors

Catalog No. Species Pres. Purity Source  


PHLPP2 Human > 80 %
Preparation: Recombint protein was captured through anti-DDK affinity column followed by conventiol chromatography steps.
Purity Detail: > 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE and Coomassie blue staining.
HEK293 cells
20 µg / €680.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.


Catalog No.    

PHLPP2 overexpression lysate

PHLPP2 overexpression lysate  
0.1 mg / €480.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

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