psbA antibody

Principal name

psbA antibody

Alternative names for psbA antibody

Photosystem Q(B) protein, 32 kDa thylakoid membrane protein, Photosystem II protein D1

SwissProt ID

P05337 (Horvu), P06585 (Pea), P12463 (Wheat), P48183 (Maize), P69556 (Tobac), P69560 (Spiol)

Gene ID

2715607 (psbA)

Available reactivities

Arabidopsis, Bac (Bacteria), Pl (Plant)

Available hosts

Rabbit, Chicken

Available applications

Western blot / Immunoblot (WB)

Background of psbA antibody

The psbA gene has been cloned from many species of plants, green algae, and cyanobacteria. The psbA gene is located in the chloroplast genome and encodes for the D1 protein, a core component of Photosystem II. PsbA/D1 is rapidly cycled under illumination in all oxygenic photobionts. Tracking PsbA pools using the Global PsbA antibody can show the functional content of Photosystem II in a wide range of samples. Alternative names: 32 kDa thylakoid membrane protein, photosystem II protein D1

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