SHROOM3 antibody

Principal name

SHROOM3 antibody

Alternative names for SHROOM3 antibody

Protein Shroom3, KIAA1481, SHRML, Shroom-related protein, hShrmL

SwissProt ID

Q27IV2, Q8TF72, Q9QXN0

Gene ID

57619 (SHROOM3)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human)

Available hosts

Mouse, Rabbit

Available applications

Western blot / Immunoblot (WB), Enzyme Immunoassay (E)

Background of SHROOM3 antibody

Kit Component:
- KN223652G1, SHROOM3 gRNA vector 1 in pCas-Guide vector
- KN223652G2, SHROOM3 gRNA vector 2 in pCas-Guide vector
- KN223652D, donor vector containing left and right homologous arms and Luciferase-Puro functional cassette
- GE100003, scramble sequence in pCas-Guide vector
CRISPR Manual:
CRISPR/CAS9 Genome Editing Manual

General readings

Lee C, Le MP, and Wallingford JB. The shroom family proteins play broad roles in the morphogenesis of thickened epithelial sheets. Dev. Dyn. 2009; 238:1480-91
Lee C, Scherr HM, and Wallingford JB. Shroom family proteins regulate -tubulin distribution and microtubule architecture during epithelial cell shape change. Development 2007; 134:1431-41.
Haigo SL, Hildebrand JD, Harland RM, et al. Shroom induces apical constriction and is required for hingepoint formation during neural tube closure. Curr. Biol. 2003; 13:2125-37
Chung MI, Nascone-Yoder NM, Grover SA, et al. Direct activation of Shroom3 transcription by Pitx proteins drives epithelial morphogenesis in the developing gut. Development 2010; 137:1339-49.

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Primary Antibodies

Catalog No. Host Iso. Clone Pres. React. Applications  

SHROOM3 (Center) antibody

Western blot analysis of SHROOM3 in SK-N-SH cell lysate with SHROOM3 antibody at 1 ug/mL. Rabbit IgG Aff - Purified Hu E, WB
0.1 mg / €325.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

SHROOM3 (Center) Control Peptide

50 µg / €160.00
  Acris Antibodies GmbH

SHROOM3 antibody

50 µg / €370.00
  Abnova Taiwan Corp.

Human Lenti ORF Particles

Catalog No.    

Lenti ORF particles, SHROOM3 (Myc-DDK tagged) - Human shroom family member 3 (SHROOM3), 200 uL, >10^7 TU/mL

Lenti ORF particles, SHROOM3 (Myc-DDK tagged) - Human shroom family member 3 (SHROOM3), 200 uL, >10^7 TU/mL  
200 µl / €2,280.00
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

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