SYNPO2L antibody

Principal name

SYNPO2L antibody

Alternative names for SYNPO2L antibody

Synaptopodin 2-like protein

Gene ID

79933 (SYNPO2L)

Available reactivities

Hu (Human), Ms (Mouse), Rt (Rat)

Available hosts


Available applications

Enzyme Immunoassay (E), Immunocytochemistry/Immunofluorescence (ICC/IF), Western blot / Immunoblot (WB)

Background of SYNPO2L antibody

SYNPO2L Antibody: SYNPO2L was initially identified as a novel heart-enriched gene that encodes a cytoskeletal protein highly expressed in the Z-disc of heart and skeletal muscle, associates with actin and interacts with a-actinin. It is a member of the syptopodin family, sharing greatest homology with Syptopodin 2. Recent studies have shown that SYNPO2L, while primarily localized to the sarcomere, can also translocate to the nucleus. A knockdown of SYNPO2L in zebrafish resulted in aberrant cardiac and skeletal muscle development and function, suggesting that it is a critical component of the sarcomere and plays an important role in muscle development.

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Primary Antibodies

Catalog No. Host Iso. Clone Pres. React. Applications  

SYNPO2L (N-term) antibody

SYNPO2L Rabbit Aff - Purified Hu, Ms E, WB
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

SYNPO2L control peptide

  Acris Antibodies GmbH

Proteins & Growth Factors

Catalog No. Species Pres. Purity Source  

SYNPO2L (transcript variant 1)

SYNPO2L Human > 80 %
Preparation: Recombint protein was captured through anti-DDK affinity column followed by conventiol chromatography steps.
Purity Detail: > 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE and Coomassie blue staining.
HEK293 cells
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.


Catalog No.    

SYNPO2L overexpression lysate

SYNPO2L overexpression lysate  
  OriGene Technologies, Inc.

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